Safe Environment


In November 2002, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) adopted the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People (the “Charter”) to assure a safer environment for children and young people and to express the responsibility of all to care for and reach out to the victims of sexual abuse and their families.  In 2011, the Charter was revised to emphasis the deep commitment of the Bishops to creating a safe environment and preventing the sexual abuse of minors.  Within the framework of the Charter, the Archdiocesan Safe Environment Program was developed.family_560


We, the Catholic faithful of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City, share responsibility for the life and mission of the Church.  Each of us is called to celebrate, promote and when necessary to defend the life and dignity of every person.  This responsibility requires that together and individually we treat everyone with respect, do what we can to see that harm is never brought to others, especially minors and vulnerable adults, and seek to bring healing for those who have been harmed.


In compliance with the Charter, the Archdiocese of OKC requires anyone in the parish who has regular contact with youth (under the age of 18) to undergo Safe Environment Training before being allowed to help with our young people.  This program is to help prevent any incidents of abuse in our parish and at any of our parish events. It will also allow us all to be aware of characteristics of abuse in children and predators so we may hopefully prevent further abuse in our community.

Check out the Archdiocese of OKC page concerning safe environment here

At St. Mary, we require anyone who participates in any of our ministries to complete the Safe Environment Training BEFORE participating in the ministry.


To be in full compliance with the Safe Environment office, each employee/volunteer must complete each of the following and have the information on file at St. Mary.

  • Attend a Safe Environment Training seminar
  • Application for Employment or Volunteer Services
  • From your Application, both a local and nationwide background check will be run
  • A Statement of Receipt and Agreement to abide by the Code of Conduct must be signed.
  • Three Reference forms must be on file.


If you have completed the Safe Environment protocol at another parish, please contact that parish to have your information shared with St. Mary.  Otherwise, you will be required to complete the training here at St. Mary.
Please contact, Kim Ellison, our Safe Environment Facilitator at 405-282-4239 or 405-401-4844, with any questions or to set up an appointment to complete the training.