Pastoral Council

St. Mary’s Pastoral Council is the primary consultative body in the parish on pastoral matters.  The Council assists the pastor in guiding the liturgical, educational, social,  and ecumenical functions of this parish. The Council also supervises any existing or future boards or committees of the parish.  There are nine members on the Council who serve three year terms. The Council meets the last Thursday of every month. Business may be brought before the Council by a parishioner, 18 years of age or older, by means of a signed letter or notification to the Secretary or Chairman.


 St. Mary’s Pastoral Council

Rev. Fr. James A. Wickersham, President

Charlie Bohan, Chairperson

David Nolan, Vice-Chairperson

Kathy Schmidt, Secretary

Zac Colorio

Jim Fourcade, Deacon

Bill Nash

Barry Niles, Special Appointment

Myra Richardson

Rick Staton

Julie Wells

Marcio White